Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Disputes can be expensive, time-consuming and also exhausting. Although sometimes litigation is the only option, many disputes can be resolved more quickly and cost-effectively if managed as soon as they arise. With this in mind, Gabb and Co offer its mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services across a diverse range of disputes including:

  • advising on a preferred dispute resolution strategy;
  • an assessment of the status of disputes and their suitability for ADR;
  • facilitating pre-mediation structured discussions;
  • help to narrow down the differences between the parties in preparation for more efficient litigation;
  • providing mediation services in a wide range of disputes.

In particular and uniquely, Gabb and Co also offers a special tax mediation service. HMRC published its current Litigation and Settlement Strategy (LSS) in October 2017 and set out best practice for how HMRC should use dispute resolution methods in tax disputes. Sarah Woodall was involved from the outset as HMRC ran pilots to apply ADR principles to small to medium sized enterprises and individuals, and also to large and complex company cases. In 2013 HMRC announced that ADR had become part of its mainstream business and ADR procedures, including Mediation, now play a vital part in the way tax enquiries and disputes are managed.

In addition to its usual ADR services, in tax cases Gabb and Co can:

  • advise on communication with HMRC, to get a tax dispute into ADR; and
  • help clients maximise their chances of working effectively with HMRC.

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Sarah Woodall and Helen Tudball

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Sarah's knowledge and experience in this field (mediation) is excellent and she is a person who is easy to work with. She provides innovative ideas to the process and her drive is impressive….I found her input constructive and balanced and she quickly established herself as a team player with whom I could work and importantly trust…..

Big Four Accountancy Partner 


Helen Tudball

Director of Tax

Sarah Woodall