The Employment Team at Gabb and Co work for businesses throughout the UK in relation to employment matters. However, as well as working for employers, Emma Jones amd Zoe Jury put their understanding of employment law to good use for the benefit of employees who require employment advice or who are facing difficult situations at work.

In particular, the Employment Team are happy to advise employees on any issues arising in the workplace including:-

  • Negotiations regarding job offers, including advising on Contracts of Employment and Executive Service Agreements;
  • Renegotiating terms as and when required;
  • Advising employees in relation to any grievance proceedings/disciplinary proceedings that they may be going through;
  • Reviewing an employee’s situation to advise upon whether there are any valid claims for unfair dismissal, discrimination etc;
  • Advising employees in relation to negotiating their own exit on agreed terms, or on the meaning and effect of a Compromise Agreement, where severance terms have been put forward to an employee;
  • Acting on an employee’s behalf in Employment Tribunal proceedings if required, at which time we can provide an expert advocacy service.

We appreciate that issues in the workplace can have a major impact on a person’s wellbeing and family life, and we endeavour to be wholly supportive whilst ensuring that any issues are dealt with in a cost effective manner. Individuals with employment problems need support and " handholding" through this difficult area of law and our prompt, practical support and advice has been much appreciated by many clients.

If you require any further information then please contact or Emma Jones or Zoe Jury at our Abergavenny Office who would be happy to help.