Why Make a Will?

The majority of people in the UK die without making a Will. However, only by making a Will can you ensure that the people you want will inherit on your death. There are also other good reasons for making a Will:

  • If you die without making a Will (known as dying “intestate”), your spouse will not necessarily inherit the whole of your estate as the intestacy rules will dictate how your assets are to be dealt with.
  • A frequent misconception is the idea of a “common-law spouse”. If you are co-habiting your partner will not automatically inherit your assets, and the only way to ensure that they are protected is to provide for them in your Will.
  • You can appoint guardians to care for your minor children in the event of your death and create trusts to delay children/grandchildren from inheriting from age 18 to 21 or 25 or even indefinitely.
  • The death of a loved one is a distressing time and by making a Will now you can at least ensure that dealing with your affairs will be as straightforward as possible for those you leave behind.
  • You can choose who will administer your estate. This is particularly important if you have young children.
  • A properly drafted Will can ensure that your loved ones do not pay any more Inheritance Tax than is necessary on your death, and can even save them Inheritance Tax!
  • Your Will can protect assets from the risk of the survivor re-marrying or your children/grandchildren divorcing or encountering financial difficulties (e.g bankruptcy).
  • Your Will can mitigate/avoid the payment of nursing home fees by providing for assets to pass into trust on the first death. This is perfectly legitimate financial planning and cannot be challenged by the Local Authority.

Why Use Gabb and Co?

We have considerable expertise and experience in this field and our specialist and dedicated team can guide you efficiently through the various options which may be available to you.

  • We are rated as one of the top firms in Wales in the “Legal 500” and Chambers Directory for our personal tax, trusts and estate planning service and pride ourselves on offering a first class and cost-effective service where your Will is tailored to your individual needs.
  • We specialise in advising on Inheritance Tax mitigation and where there are agricultural or business assets we can ensure that your Will is tax efficient.
  • We offer a comprehensive service across the whole private client spectrum from dealing with contested estates to Wills to Inheritance Tax/Capital Gains Tax planning and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA).


Our specialist Team is always on hand to answer any query you may have and you can simply contact us or use our enquiry form and we will ensure that a member of our team contacts you to discuss any queries/concerns you may have.

Please call a member of our team to discuss your needs further.

Contact details:

email: Edward.jones@gabb.co.uk or Dawn.sullivan@gabb.co.uk


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telephone: 01873 852432 (Abergavenny office) or 01873 810629 (Crickhowell office)

Please ask to speak to Edward Jones or Dawn Sullivan in our Abergavenny office, and David Lloyd or Ruth Main in our Crickhowell office.

How long will it take?

If you would like us to contact you for a preliminary discussion, we promise to contact you within 2 working days of receiving your enquiry form.


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Dawn Sullivan

 Gabb and Co give you that rare feeling that they are totally on your side and have your interests alone in mind. They are able to advise on and deliver technical, clever, sophisticated and aggressive solutions to problems where warranted, but will always look first to provide the simple, practical and cost effective approach and avoid winding up situations if there is a more collaborative approach available.

Saran M Allot-Davey, Managing Director, Heron House Financial Management Ltd, Newport