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Gabb and Co acts for private and corporate clients across the UK, providing expert advice on a broad range of tax issues ranging from corporation tax, inheritance and capital gains tax to stamp duty or Land Transaction Tax and are very experienced in advising in and handling complex HMRC investigations.

Director of Tax, Sarah Woodall was Head of Anti-Avoidance Investigation for HMRC for many years and has an unusual and good insight into how tax investigations work and the best ways to resolve them, across all taxes. Sarah is also an accredited mediator. Partner Edward Jones TEP, together with Dawn Sullivan TEP concentrate on inheritance and capital gains tax advice for high net worth clients, small and medium enterprises and private company shareholders. 

Gabb and Co.’s strong reputation is founded upon a practical and commercial approach based on technical knowledge, extensive first-hand experience of dealing with, and indeed working within, HMRC and careful consideration of a client’s individual circumstances, considering issues on a case by case basis.

Company directors, businesses, farmers, private individuals and professionals are among those clients who regularly benefit from our taxexpertise across a broad spectrum of issues including: -

  • HMRC investigations

  • Choosing the right business structure

  • Maximising tax reliefs

  • Mitigating tax within the law on the sale of a business

  • Estate planning

  • Tax efficient wills, family trusts and inheritance tax planning, including advising about exemptions and reliefs

  • Passing assets (including the family house) through the generations in the most tax-efficient way

  • Tax consultancy for other professional firms, e.g. accountants and financial advisers

  • Advocacy
  • Mediation

We focus on providing practical advice and solutions no matter how complex the problem. We aim to provide a personal service of the highest quality dealing with our clients’ needs quickly and in a cost-effective way. We also have extensive mediation experience.

We have a national reputation for tax work, acting for clients in London, the Home Counties, the Cotswolds, West Midlands, West Wales and all along the Welsh Borders. We also deal with an increasing amount of international work especially for those not domiciled within the UK.

HMRC’s 2020 Departmental Plan “bears down” on some taxpayers:

Over this Parliament HMRC plans to maximise tax revenues due and “bear down” on tax avoidance, evasion and other non-compliance. In particular HMRC will invest £800m in additional work to tackle non-compliance and increase prosecutions to 100 a year by the end of the Parliament. Inevitably this work is creating great pressures for some taxpayers and Gabb and Co are available to help. 

HMRC plans to raise an additional £5 billion a year by 2019 / 2020 by tackling:

  • tax avoidance;

  • aggressive tax planning;

  • tax evasion; and

  • tax non-compliance

Here is more information about our tax team.

Please contact Edward Jones ( or Sarah Woodall ( if you would like more information or use our confidential online referral form. Any information that you provide will remain confidential and help us to advise you and provide a quote. We will not contact any other parties without your written permission. 


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