Gabb and Co Offers for January and February

Gabb and Co Offers for January and February


(i)         Unforeseeable Absence Policy

Whilst parts of the UK saw snow last week, we were fortunate enough in Abergavenny to have missed the forecast “thunderstorm” last week which meant “business as usual” for us and our employer clients..

However, many employees were no doubt disappointed at not having a “snow day”, but implications for them having a cosy day at home may or may not be clear to them, or the business.

Unless there is a clear policy setting out an employer’s stance on unforeseeable absence there can be a lot of confusion about whether employees should be paid or have to take a day’s holiday and if it makes any difference whether the business is still operating that day, or indeed if the employee has made any effort to get to work.

If you do not have a policy in place setting out your stance in this regard, now would be the ideal time to implement one to make yours rules clear and to avoid any last minute confusion if bad weather strikes.  We can prepare a policy for your use for the fixed fee price of £50 plus VAT.  Please let us know if you wish to proceed with this offer.


(ii)        Out with the Old, In with the New!

Have you reviewed your in-house policies and procedure lately?  Are they in line with current employment legislation? If not, please feel free to contact us for an annual review.  We are currently offering a review and updated of all of your policies and procedures for the fixed price of £499 plus VAT.


(iii)       48 Hour Opt Out Agreement

Following the case of “Tyco”, where an employee does not have a fixed place of work, travel time to and from a place of work will now count as “working time”.  There is real potential for the case to cause serious headaches for employers!  In practical terms, it would be so much easier if an employee were to provide their consent to opting-out of the Working Time Regulations and the “48 hour working week rule”.  Please note that you cannot force an employee to opt-out – it is wholly voluntary!  That said, their consent would make your office administration a lot easier.  If you do not have the appropriate letters in relation to Opting Out in place, we can prepare those for you for a fixed fee of £25 plus VAT.

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